Former High Times Editor Dave Bienenstock teams with Anita Thompson,
the widow of legendary counter culture activist Hunter S. Thompson at her
ranch Owl Farm in Woody Creek, CO, for a 5 star gourmet meal using cannabinoids.
hand picked by biochemist Tamar Wise and prepared by Chef Chris Lanter of Aspen’s Cache Cache Bistro.

An interview with Dr. Darryl Hudson of Peace Naturals at the Champs Canada Marijuana Expo.

Dr. Hudson talks about farming and cultivating his product and how his product compares to other farms in North America.

In the old days we had rolling papers, pipes and bongs. I can even remember smoking out of a hollowed apple.But today’s tokers just vape it. Dry herb vaporizering is the convenient and stealth approach to getting high in almost any location or situation. The following video will display just how easy and suitable these devices are.

Produced by ABC Australia, this film highlights the growing Cannabis industry with interviews from John Davis, Brendan Kennedy and Michael Blue, Founders of Cannabis Inc.. The 30 minute film also includes interviews of Patrick Kennedy and Dr. Kevin Sabet who both oppose legalization.

In this film, a presentation and methodology to the Fourth Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics, Santa Barbara, CA – April, 2006, Dr. Abrams chronicles his studies from over a decade of the potential properties cannabis contains in the treatment of chronic pain relief.

This is an amazing film documenting the results of two pediatric epilepsy patients, who prior to cannabis treatment had basically no quality of life due to severe epileptic seizures. It’s a remarkable story which has inspired three United States congressman to introduce a bill to the 113th congress, H.R.5226 – Charlotte’s Web Medical Hemp Act of 2014

This is an interesting look at the history and evolution of the cannabis plant. A brief account of how hemp had been cultivated for thousands of years primarily for it’s strength as a fiber for a myriad of uses especially in the textile industry, leading to complete prohibition of the product by the late 1950s.

Since the passage of recreational marijuana in Colorado and the state of Washington, cannabis consumption methods have evolved rapidly. Cannabis extraction is a method to draw THC and cannabinoid concentrates from raw plant matter to produce an oil, which delivers marijuana consumers a stronger dosage than smoking the traditional bud.

There are marijuana restaurants opened throughout Colorado where users can treat themselves to a variety of meals and treats. For starters at the Ganja Gourmet, you are tempted with a delicious dip known as Ganjanade, a tasty Tapenade made with extracted cannabis oil, tomatoes, garlic, and olives. Then choose from entrées ranging from Ganja House Pizza to a flavorsome lasagna dish appropriately named, LaGanja served with medicated garlic bread. Top off your high with decadent deserts such as Stoney Road Ice Cream, a concoction of Marshmallow, chocolate chips & almonds, swirled in a creamy blend or, the Ganja White Rabbit – A fine, creamy white chocolate candy medicated with hash oil containing 39 MG of calculated active cannabanoids.
Dudes….Bon appétit!!!

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