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The Addiction Myth

A recent study found marijuana to be the least risky of recreational drugs alongside the likes of tobacco, LSD, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and meth.¬† In fact the new “bad boy” of the aforementioned lot is alcohol, ¬†which was stated to

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‘Bud and Breakfast’ Joins Emerging Marijuana-Friendly Colorado Hotels

Article by Joanna Presco | Good Morning America – April 15,2014 Travelers heading to Denver with a desire to “wake and bake” will have a new lodging to consider this May, when a local hospitality group launches the latest in

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Girl whose family fought for medical marijuana has died

Article written by Joseph Spector, Westchester, NY – July 21,2014 Anna Conte, a nine-year-old Buffalo area girl who suffered from a rare seizure disorder, died late last week. Conte’s mother, Wendy, of Orchard Park, Erie County, regularly appeared at the

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American Weed, Episode 1

Watch this video. Watch this video. Watch this video. Watch this video. Watch this video.

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