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Marijuana in New York – It’s About to Get Real

Here you will find trusted information regarding things related to marijuana in New York. It is our mission to supply our diverse visitors with useful, accurate and entertaining information pertaining to the marijuana industry. We aim to present latest news, facts regarding the medical benefits of marijuana, up to date laws and the legalization within the 50 states but our focus is with a concentration in New York where things are about to break loose. New York residents, are you ready? There are over 19 million people residing in New York State. Here are more stats. How many of them are over 21 years of age? How many are suffering with ailments and diseases that have not been successfully treated with conventional medicine? How many are looking for relief by the use of medical marijuana? Over the next few months we will be posting articles that will address these issues. On a lighter note, although marijuana is not yet legal in New York for recreational use, we wanted to share with our visitors some of the fun stuff that’s happening in other States. Browse the site for some of the best products used for the consumption of marijuana as well as valuable tips on cooking with cannabis. Get inspired by our fantastic list of recipes and videos! Check out our list of strains and the most popular uses for what ails you.

It is our intent to present unbiased and neutral information – a lot of it – in a format that is informative and interesting as well as entertaining.  We are a relatively new website so please be patient with us.  Each week we plan to bring more awesome news to you.  Check out our many posts and leave your comments, we want to get to know you, get to know what you want so feel free to add some suggestions regarding the influx of marijuana in New York or anywhere in the country. Your views and opinions matter! Please feel free to contact us at

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A recent study found marijuana to be the least risky of recreational drugs alongside the likes of tobacco, LSD, heroin,

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The Addiction Myth

A recent study found marijuana to be the least risky of recreational drugs alongside the likes of tobacco, LSD, heroin,

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